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Edimax HD Day & Night Wi-Fi IP Camera

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Preces kods: IC-3116W Garantija:  24 mēneši
42.00 €

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Preces galvenie parametri:

  • Tips: Kupola
  • Veids: IR kameras
  • Pielietojums: Iekštelpām
  • Izšķirtspēja: 1280 x 720
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Ikmēneša maksājums: 2.29
EDIMAX Edimax HD Day & Night Wi-Fi IP Camera Edimax HD Day & Night Wi-Fi IP Camera
Preces apraksts angļu valodā:

  • Plug-n-View for 24/7 Remote Monitoring with free EdiView app on iPhone®, iPad® or Android®  or EdiView software on computers
  • 720p HD Video Quality with high resolution and rich detail
  • Night Vision with infrared LEDs, mechanical ICR and auto light sensor
  • Motion Detection triggers snapshots or recording and sends to email and ftp
  • Wireless & Ethernet connection for flexible placement, and compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n products
  • Easy Setup &  WPS Support

The Edimax IC-3116W 720p wireless network camera is a versatile monitoring device ideal for monitoring your home, shop or factory during the daytime or at night. With Edimax Plug-n-View technology, no complicated setup is required and you can easily connect the camera to the cloud and monitor remotely from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Motion-triggered snapshots and recording to email ensure that you capture every criminal event. The IC-3116W comes with a wireless interface making installation easy for any home/store/factory monitoring applications.


Plug-n-View for 24/7 Easy Remote Monitoring
Edimax Plug-n-View technology makes it easy for you to keep your yard, garage, shop, factory or other assets wherever you go. With Plug-n-View technology, you can connect your network camera to the cloud in a few simple steps and access it remotely with a smartphone, tablet, or computer no matter where you are.

Night Vision
With a light sensor, image sensor, and IR LEDs, the IC-3116W can satisfy all security and indoor surveillance needs even in dimly lit environments. And with automatic ICR (IR Cut Filter Removal), infrared light is filtered out during the day time and allowed to pass during the night time, ensuring video color quality in comparison with other IP cameras.


Motion-Triggered Snapshots & Recording
The powerful motion detection system built into this network camera ensures that you have evidence of a criminal event. You can pre-define an area in the monitored range for motion detection; and when motion is detected in the specified area, the network camera will produce snapshots or video footage of the event immediately.


High Quality Videos
The Edimax IC-3116W is built with a wide 2.2mm lens that covers a diagonal viewing angle of 69 degrees, making it suitable for capturing video footage of a wide area with a single network camera. With a megapixel CMOS sensor, this network camera is able to capture 720p (1280 x 720) videos at 24 frames per second.



  • Easy remote monitoring via iPhone, iPad, Android, PC & Mac
  • High-speed  H.264 & MJPEG video compression
  • Motion detection
  • Sends motion-detected snapshots to email and FTP
  • Pre- & post-recording upon detected motion
  • Viewer software to access 16 network cameras simultaneously
  • Manual/scheduled/cycle recording
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