Aqua Computer Airplex Radical 4/280mm Aluminium

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Produkta veids Radiatori
Zīmols Aqua Computer
Paredzētas lietošanai Dzesēšanas sistēmai
Papildus informācija Savienojuma diametrs: G1/4. Izmērs: 320 x 140 x 73 mm
Preces apraksts angļu valodā:

With the series "airplex radical" the German water cooling specialist aqua computer offers a radiator series, which is tuned for performance and function at a fair price. The dual version offered here for two 140 mm fans per side comes with aluminum fins inside the stainless steel frame and is criss-crossed by four rows of copper pipes for extreme cooling performance. The airplex radical 4/280 is 320 mm long, 140 mm wide and 73 mm high. He can out-of-the-box one-sided two 140-fan wear, if the two-sided equipment is provided, 8 optional threaded inserts (M3) must be purchased. 

The "airplex radical" series is based on the experiences that aqua computer has gained in the development of the "airplex modularity Series" (AMS), whereby much has been reduced to the essentials for the "airplex radical" models. This has created an extremely high quality processed radiator with an incredible price-performance ratio. Like the AMS brothers, the "airplex radical" heat exchangers have no solder joints and are therefore free from tin residues when delivered. Only Delrin, stainless steel and copper come into contact with the coolant - even with the variants with aluminum lamellae. 

For a perfect fan assembly, aqua computer has come up with a new system with high-quality nickel-plated brass threaded sleeves. This proprietary system is designed to allow the nuts to protrude into the holes in the fan, effectively dropping them into position themselves. Anyone who has ever installed fans on a radiator will appreciate this! The system also has the advantage that the thread is extended and the screw is further away from the lamellae, so that the risk of a screw screwed in too far is greatly reduced. 

In a radiator mounting without a fan, the sleeves can also be used turned 180 degrees, so that the heat exchanger can be mounted without a gap, for example, in a housing cover. Should a thread be damaged, you can simply replace the defective sleeve with a new one. In the guides for the sleeves also small locking lugs are integrated so that the sleeves securely engage in the final position on the frame. This is made of stainless steel and as a color accent, the rear end plate is made of dark chromated stainless steel. 

Technical details:
  • Dimensions: 320 x 140 x 73 mm (L x W x H)
  • Material: copper (tubes), aluminum (lamellas), stainless steel (frame), Delrin (connection terminal)
  • silver
  • Compatible fans: one-sided 2x 140 mm (M3 thread) Additional threaded inserts for double-sided assembly are optionally available
  • Pipe rows: 4
  • Thread: 2x G1 / 4 inches

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