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Hama Tripod Stand Screen 00018790


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  • Тип: На пол (штатив тринога)
  • Формат экрана: 1:1
  • Покрытие экрана: Матовый
  • Ширина экрана (см): 125
  • Высота экрана (см): 125
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HAMA Hama Tripod Stand Screen 00018790 Hama Tripod Stand Screen 00018790
Описание на английском языке:

See the bigger picture with the Tripod Projection Screen from Hama.

This screen is suitable for all conventional forms of front projection, whether you are utilizing the screen for business, study or leisure. In the office you can give your presentations an extra flare by displaying your work on the projection screen. Visual aids are a great tool for conveying an idea more effectively, important information sometimes can’t be written in text form, like graphs and charts, with the projection screen you can get all the information to your colleagues in an effective way.

In the home you can feel like you’re at the cinema watching the ‘big screen’; invite your friends over for a movie marathon and get great quality viewing of all your favorite films in your living room, or on a nice evening move the projection screen outside and create your very own open air cinema!

With a screen measuring 125cm x 125cm you can rest assured that everyone, whether in a crowded conference room or large back garden, will get a great view of the projection screen. The screen can be continuously adjusted and is pivot able by 360° for optimum viewing. In addition there is a handy carrying grip made of high-quality plastic material with a fixing button and a stable three leg tripod with anti-slip plastic foot caps which allows you to easily erect your projector screen anywhere! The space saving design means that your projection screen can go wherever you do.

  • Ideal for a first-class film presentation on the go
  • Mobile tripod projection screen suitable for business, study and leisure uses
  • For all conventional kinds of front projection
  • White screen made of PVC for unique colour brilliance and very fine contrasts, for rooms which are to be darkened, size 125 cm x 125 cm
  • Black metal tube Ø about 7 cm
  • Outstanding flat surface of the projection screen by fastening device at the tube
  • Continuously variable adjustment of the screen height and the telescope tube
  • The screen is pivotable by 360°
  • Handy carrying grip made of red, high-quality plastic material with fixing button
  • Stable three-legs tripod with anti-slip plastic foot caps
  • Space-saving and easy for transport
00018790 43.00
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