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Hama Lens 58mm/Filter 55mm Adapter Ring


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  • Тип: Кольца перехода
  • Спецификация: Размер объектива: 58 мм Размер фильтра: 55 мм
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HAMA Hama Lens 58mm/Filter 55mm Adapter Ring Hama Lens/Filter Adapter Ring
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On replacement of your camera lens with one of a different size or when acquiring an additional camera, replacing all your old filters or purchasing a new set as the old ones no longer fit can be costly, something that you would probably rather avoid in the current climate.

Fantastic Value and Quality? It must be Hama
Hama provide and quick, easy and cost effective solution for fitting your filter to a different size camera lens with their range of filter adapter rings. Furthermore, the durable nature of the design also means that the adapters can be used again and again with very little wear and tear, being fitted to and removed from the lens with very little hassle.

Convenient Adaptability on the Go
Compact in design, the rings are extremely easy to transport, fitting easily in a camera kit bag or even your pocket if necessary so you can transport them with you to all those important photo shoots and events. If you choose to carry several different cameras or lens with you, Hama filter adapter rings can also be easily swapped between them so you can change to a different filter or transfer a filter between different size lenses to achieve the perfect shot.
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