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Genesis Base PLL-A7 Plate


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Код товара: SG_004084 Гарантия:  24 месяцев
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  • Тип: Адаптеры
  • Спецификация: Материал: Алюминий Тип: Arca Swiss Длина: 138 мм Высота: 58 мм Ширина: 38 мм Вес: 99 г
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Genesis Genesis Base PLL-A7 Plate Genesis Base PLL-A7 Plate
Описание товара на английском языке:

Genesis Base PPL-A7 is quick-release, type "L, consisting of two parts. Allows fast and convenient mounting the camera on a tripod in a horizontal or vertical position. Greatly facilitates the execution of portraits and panoramas of vertical frames.
The use of this kind of handle allows you to reduce the effect of frame shift that occurs when you change the layout from horizontal to vertical or vice versa.
Is made of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy used in aviation and protected by corrosion and scratches in the anodizing process. The use of bead to prevent rotation of the camera, and perfectly matched insert shape eliminate non-slip rubber and in this way increase the stiffness of the quick-action coupling connection-the camera. At either end of the tiles is damage to the attachment of the strap.

SG_004084 29.90
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