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Karcher Cleaner Brush WB 50 Soft


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Код товара: 2.643-246_KAR Гарантия:  24 месяцев
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KARCHER Karcher Cleaner Brush WB 50 Soft Karcher Cleaner Brush WB 50 Soft
Описание товара на английском языке:

The soft universal brush is suitable for all cleaning jobs on different surfaces. Brush suitable for all types of surfaces including garden furniture, glass surfaces, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, roller shutters, blinds, conservatories, caravans or garden toys. In addition to superior cleaning power, the soft bristles are kind to surfaces. Outer protector ring protects surfaces against scratches. Includes union nut for secure spray gun connection, rubber pad removes stubborn dirt, e.g. insects and ergonomic handle for ease of use. In brief: the ideal solution for cleaning around the home and garden – also large areas. Universal soft brush suitable for all Kärcher K2 – K7 series domestic pressure washers.
  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Cleaning conservatories
  • Cleaning motorcycles and bicycles
  • Cleaning roller shutters and blinds
  • Cleaning caravans
  • Cleaning garden furniture
  • Cleaning garden toys
Compatible with: 
  • K 2.21 M
  • K 3
  • K 3 Premium
  • K 4 Classic
  • K 4 Premium
  • K 5 Compact
  • K 5 Premium
  • K 7
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