Steichen Gaming Glasses White Carbon Gray Edition

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Тип продукта Защитные очки
Бренд Steichen
Гарантия 24 месяц
Дополнительная информация Размеры: Ширина линзы: 57 мм. Ширина моста: 17 мм. Высота линзы: 34 мм. Длина дужки очков: 145 мм. Линза: Gaming Blue Protect AFT. Фильтрация вредного голубого света: 17%. Деформация цветов: 1%. Анти-усталостная технология: да. Комплект поставки: 1x Офисные очки White Carbon Gray Edition. 1x транспортная сумка
Описание товара на английском языке:

Due to digitization, people spend more and more hours a day in front of a screen, which is either professional nature or the digital game pleasure has a reason. Computers, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches make up our daily environment, but rarely is the consequences of such intensive use thought. The human eye is simply not designed to work with LED light sources over a short distance (40 cm to 1 m) and over a long period of time. This can therefore lead to numerous eye diseases caused by the harmful blue light or eye fatigue due to excessive straining of the ciliary muscles. Thanks to the Focaled Technology and the gaming and office glasses by Steichen, these problems can be stopped. The Steichen White Carbon Office glasses at a glance:
  • Modern design with a cool look
  • Lightweight carbon strap with rubber grip
  • Blue Protect + filter against blue light
  • Anti-fatigue technology
  • Improvement of concentration
  • Increase of visual reflexes
  • Optimized view

With daily use of electronic devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets, the blue light emitted by these devices presents a constant danger to the retina, which may even result in a deterioration in visual acuity leading to blindness. To minimize this risk, Steichen uses nano-technology lenses that filter the harmful blue light of the screens. These glasses selectively prevent the harmful blue light (wavelength between 430 and 500 nm) from reaching the retina in the first place. 

The Steichen White CarbonAn unobtrusive office eyewear with a sturdy and lightweight eyeglass frame featuring carbon-gray and rubber-black grip grips at the end of the temple so the glasses are always secure on the head. Wearing such eyewear not only enhances your vision, but also filters the detrimental blue light from screens without distorting color vision, which can be extremely important to many professional users. Due to the high technology used, it is particularly suitable for office use, as it enables an increase in concentration and an improvement in visual reflexes.
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