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Philips Disney Elsa LED Flash Light 717673716 Blue


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PHILIPS Philips Disney Elsa LED Flash Light 717673716 Blue Philips Disney LED Flash Light
Описание товара на английском языке:
This Philips and Disney flash light shines a light for your child when they venture into the dark at play or night-time. It is safe and cool to touch, and the colourful design is shaped to be easy and comfortable for little hands to hold.

This Philips and Disney light for your child's bedroom creates an environment which encourages children to indulge in what they enjoy most – fun and creativity! A place where your child can study, play and sleep accompanied by their favourite Disney character. This light is designed to be safe for your child.

 Accompanies your child at night
This Philips and Disney portable light safely guides your child during nightly walks to the bathroom or the parent's bedroom. Designed for kids, this torch light fits perfectly into your child's hand and makes it easy to carry it around anywhere.

High quality LED light
The LED technology, integrated into this light, is a uniquely developed solution by Philips. While instantly turned on, it enables optimal light output and brings out vivid colours in your kid's room.

Battery-operated - 2 x AAA batteries not included
This light works on 2 AAA batteries. All batteries of this size will work. Do not mix different types of batteries; always use the same type. The batteries are not included in the box.

With the button discreetly integrated on the fixture, you can easily switch the light on and off.
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