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Electrolux E201M

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  • Тип: Мешки для пылесосов
  • Совместимые производители пылесосов: Electrolux
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ELECTROLUX Electrolux E201M

Electrolux E201M
Описание товара на английском языке:

s-bag is the smart bag that fits most of our vacuum cleaners, including those in the following ranges:
Packs are available in different materials to fit your needs and to optimise your vacuum cleaner performance.
The s-bag Classic Long Performance is a synthetic vacuum bag that lasts 50% longer than traditional paper dust bags. Its resistant synthetic material ensures that your vacuum cleaner has high suction power right up to the moment when the dust bag is full and ready for disposal. And, with its innovative folding, its capacity is 15% larger than a flat synthetic dust bag.
Thanks to its special folding and to its unique patented cardboard, it’s easy to fit in the cleaner. Bag removal is hygienic as the bag automatically seals, preventing any spillage and making bag changes quick and clean.
This pack includes 12x s-bag Classic Long Performance dust bags.

E201M 4.2 16 15.34
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