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Батут Zipro Jump Pro Premium 8FT, 252 см, с защитной сеткой

Код товара: 1288471

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Информация о товаре

Свойства изделия

Тип продукта Батуты
Бренд Zipro
Коллекция Jump Pro Premium
Модель 8FT
Высота 150 см
Диаметр 252 см
Цвет Черный
Материал Cталь, Поливинилхлорид (ПВХ), Полипропилен (PP), Этиленвинилацетат (EVA)
Положение пружин Снаружи
С защитной сеткой в комплекте Да
С лестницей в комплекте Нет
Максимальный вес тела пользователя/-ей 150 кг
Гарантия 24 месяц
Батут Zipro Jump Pro Premium 8FT, 252 см, с защитной сеткой
Описание товара на английском языке:

An ideal form of activity for children and adults

Regular jumping on the ZIPRO trampoline, apart from rest and relaxation, brings many additional benefits, such as better fitness, fast calorie burning, stronger muscles. Thanks to this, adults are eager to use it, treating jumping as an effective form of cardio training.
On a trampoline, a long-forgotten child wakes up in every adult, which is why it is a great way to spend time actively with your children.
The use of galvanized steel makes the construction resistant to weather conditions and corrosion.

Safety first
The curved profile of the posts and the high, fine-mesh net contribute to a high level of safety.

Solid construction with convenient entrance
Frame made of steel profiles with a cross-section of 29x29 mm and reinforced joints with a low entrance convenient for the youngest.

48 springs provide high rebound
Densely spaced springs in combination with a durable mat determine the quality and safety of jumps.

The highest quality of materials
The trampoline is resistant to weather conditions, dries quickly, high quality materials guarantee durability.

PREMIUM - safety always comes first
ZIPRO's priority is to ensure maximum safety during active recreation, creating fully safe conditions even for the youngest. To ensure carefree fun for children and peace of mind for parents, the designers of the ZIPRO Jump Pro PREMIUM trampoline acted uncompromisingly, equipping it with everything necessary to make its use associated only with pleasure.
The trampoline has been equipped with additional structural reinforcements, thanks to which the structure is even more stable. The curved profile of the posts ensures a gap between the net and the posts, which translates into no risk of accidental contact with a structural element of the trampoline.

High net means more safety
The trampoline is surrounded by a 150 cm high net. This is enough to make sure that even very high jumps are fully safe and secured.

Dense, durable mesh
The mesh has a diameter of 3 mm. All this to protect trampoline users from accidentally putting their fingers between the net. It is also the possibility of safe support and even greater assurance.

PREMIUM safe design
The upper part of the net has a reinforcing cord, and the bent profile of the posts provides a distance between them and the net, which translates into no risk of accidental contact with the structural element of the trampoline.

Zipper with additional snaps
The closing system with additional protection eliminates the possibility of opening from the inside, whether as a result of an accidental impact.

A solid and stable construction to think only about having fun
The trampoline is adapted to the users' requirements in terms of easy access to the mat. The structure is adapted to the needs of children, it has a mat placed at a low height, which allows you to use the trampoline without an additional ladder.

The highest quality of materials
The trampoline frame is made of galvanized steel. The profiles have sides of 29 x 29 mm and a wall thickness of 1.35 mm, which gives it enough strength to ensure safe play. The material of such high quality is also resistant to weather conditions.

Double reinforced joints
The joints between the frame and the legs are subjected to the greatest loads when using a trampoline. T-shaped connectors were used - one element of the frame overlaps the other, and the whole is additionally strengthened by the T-shape.

Load capacity up to 150 kilograms
ZIPRO Jump Pro PREMIUM trampolines have a durable construction. Its load capacity is 150 kg, which means that it can be used by adults. The trampoline remains stable and safe even when subjected to heavy loads.

Quick and simple assembly
By following the step-by-step instructions for assembling the trampoline, it only takes about 30 minutes to put it together. Equally short is its disassembly before the winter season. There is no time to waste when the fun is already waiting.

Jump high, land soft!
The ZIPRO Jump Pro PREMIUM trampoline has been designed to become a source of carefree pleasure for users. It is very easy to assemble and extremely solid, thanks to which it is not afraid of even long and intensive use.

Solid springs
The construction of the ZIPRO Jump Pro PREMIUM trampoline uses densely twisted wire springs with a thickness of 3.1 mm. They have a length of 145 mm, which translates into strong rebounds and very good cushioning when landing.

There will be no shortage of jumping surfaces
A waterproof, durable mat 195 cm wide will provide a large enough jumping surface. The mat has been additionally reinforced with a precise hem.

Springs outside the mesh
In the ZIPRO Jump Pro PREMIUM trampoline, the springs are outside the mesh, so that the jumping surface is completely separated from them.

Weather resistant spring cover
14 mm thick foam with high density and durability, covered with waterproof PVC, will ensure long, safe and pleasant operation of the trampoline regardless of weather conditions.

The highest quality of materials
Safety and quality of workmanship are the highest priorities that guided the construction of ZIPRO trampolines. It is thanks to them that carefree fun is possible for many long years. A trampoline, which in childhood was used only for fun, can be used by teenagers or young adults as an exercise device to improve fitness. ZIPRO Jump Pro PREMIUM is the right choice when we put peace and trouble-free operation in the first place.

Full resistance to the hardships of intensive use
The trampoline, net and cover are resistant to weather conditions, so the trampoline can be used even on hot days. It will not be affected by a temporary break in the weather. In addition, the trampoline is made of high-density polypropylene material, thanks to which a moment of sun or wind is enough to quickly get rid of moisture accumulated during rain.

PVC spring cover
Thanks to the fact that the springs are protected with foam in a PVC cover, the use of the trampoline is completely safe. It is also a material that dries quickly, so the trampoline is ready to jump in just a few moments after the rain stops.

PREMIUM stands for quality
The ZIPRO Jump Pro PREMIUM trampoline is equipment with a new, reinforced structure with an internal mesh. Thanks to it, possible contact with the external elements of the trampoline is practically limited to a minimum. All this to fully focus on the next jumps.

Heavy-duty posts for greater stability
The appropriate number and thickness of the posts makes the construction of the trampoline able to withstand all jumps on the net. Additional protection of the mesh structure elements is provided by a 10 mm thick foam cover.

ZIPRO Jump Pro PREMIUM - trampoline with a safety certificate
The fact that the ZIPRO Jump Pro PREMIUM trampoline is a safe device is confirmed not only by the manufacturer's words, but above all by certificates issued by independent entities. Their receipt proves the highest quality and safety of the product. The ZIPRO Jump Pro PREMIUM trampoline meets the EN71-1, EN71-2 and EN71-14 standards. It also has the GS certificate issued by the independent company Intertek, which in Europe is perceived as an essential guarantee of the safety of equipment use.

Spare parts in a permanent assortment

The ZIPRO Jump Pro PREMIUM trampoline is a device for years. Its hardships of long and hard operation by demanding users are not terrible. An additional guarantee of the longevity of the trampoline is the constant availability of all spare parts in the assortment of the Morele store. This significantly extends its service life and significantly reduces any subsequent costs of use that would be associated with the purchase of a new trampoline.
Active leisure outdoors? It is enough to place a trampoline in the garden to further increase its health-promoting effect on people of all ages. At any age, because the trampoline is not just another toy for children. Adults can use it not only to relax, but also for fitness training. Jumping on a trampoline improves fitness, accelerates calorie burning and significantly strengthens muscles.

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